Unison’s Outdoor Sculpture Garden Exhibit is an invitational show featuring the work of a group of extraordinary established and emerging artists, including an exquisite piece by Joy Brown that recently had a home on Broadway in NYC. Feel free to bring a picnic and wander through Unison’s woodland paths. The Sculpture Garden is open year-round from dawn till dusk and open to the public with free admission. Unison’s 5-acre park-like sculpture garden is a country setting laced with paths that weave their way through the woods, opening up to a large wildflower field sited with contemporary works. Art pieces are set in the woods, by a small pool, in two large meadows and make use of local rocks and foliage.
Michael Asbill, Alex Baer, Beth Bailis, Stuart Bigley, Hans Van de Bovenkamp, Joy Brown, Alfredo Cardenas, Dennis Connors, Hanna Eshel, Deborah Goldman, Masao Gozu, Nicolae Golici, Amanda Heidel, Rhonda Hennrich, Kazuo Kawasumi, David Kucera, Michael Lalicki, James Murray, Christina Nalty, Annie O’Neill, Katalin Pazmandi, Michael Poast, Steve Porter, Johnny Poux, Matt Pozorski, Michiko Rupnow, Bob Schuler, Kaete Brittin Shaw, Bill Shillalies, David Skora, Steve Spencer, Norman Tinker, Susan Togut, Kevin Vanhentenryck, Alex Uribe, & Suiyoung Yao
What’s Next?…. Answers to this challenging question take the form of sculptural installations and events by thirty-five artists residing in the Northeast who represent an emerging art movement in the vanguard art world known as Eco Materialism. The unconventional values and formats they introduce are derived from Linda Weintraub’s forthcoming book, What’s Next? Eco Materialism & Contemporary Art, (Intellect Books, 2018). This outdoor exhibition is the initiative of SUNY New Paltz Visiting Lecturer Michael Asbill in collaboration with Unison Arts Center at 68 Mountain Rest Rd. New Paltz, NY .Students enrolled in his Collaborative Constructions course have participated in all aspects of the curatorial process. The exhibition opens at the Unison Arts Center on Sunday, July 15th 3-6 pm.
Joann Alvis & Tasha Depp, Kathleen Anderson, Jebah Baum, Jeffrey Lee Benjamin, Nadine May Lewis, Emily Brownawell, Mary Anne Davis & Patricia Tinajero, Alexis Elton, Beth Haber, Jan Harrison & Alan Baer, Sam Horowitz, Hudson Valley Bee Habitat (Emily Puthoff, Elena Sniezek, Jen Woodin), I’ll Never Know This Garden (Michael Asbill, Andrea Frank, Amanda Heidel), Sergey Jivetin, Maxine Leu, Iain Machell, Claudia McNulty, Christina Nalty, Andrea Reynosa, Bill Rybak, Cassandra Saulter, Ilse Schreiber-Noll, Zachary Skinner, Suzy Sureck, Susan Togut, Daniel Totten, Moira Williams, and Riva Weinstein
SUNY New Paltz curatorial team enrolled in Collaborative Constructions: Amanda Aponte, Jack Burnham, Abbey Fisher, Ally Gazzola, Amanda Heidel, Joe Kattou, Sam Leiching, Rosa Loveszy, Meghan Mason, Megumi Naganoma, Rachel O’neill, Arielle Ponder, Coleman Smith, and Chelsea Vierstra