We are very excited about out Unison Gala on June 1st! We are celebrating dedicated local supporters of sustainability and the belief that non-profits can have and active role in bringing ecological awareness to the community. In that vein we are asking local businesses to be part of our excitement and give corporate support to our event. It’s support like yours that allows arts organizations to grow and give back to our members and community! If you can be generous please do so and commit to supporting the arts at three different levels:

Bronze: You are really dedicated to supporting the arts and are willing to give $500 toward our music, visual arts, dance and theatre programming …..hooorah!

Silver: Your belief in Unison, by your $1,000 donation, as a cutting edge arts organization that believes in art, sustainability, incredible performances and community commitment is over the moon … yipeeee!

Gold: Can your support get any better! Wow, $2,500 .You are an incredible and long-term thinker that knows we will be one of the most sought after and successful non-profits in the Hudson Valley …… Bravooooo!!