Unison Arts Center welcomes the new Director of Unison, Alexandra Baer

Alexandra is a local New Paltz resident who has been working in the non-profit sector for over 15 years and has dedicated much of that time to working in the arts and related fields. She was recently Director of Outreach Programs at Mill Street Loft in Poughkeepsie and a sculpture teacher in the Art Institute there. Her prior experience was running a commercial sculpture studio and a bronze casting foundry. She lives with her husband and daughter a few minutes from Unison and is looking forward to being part of the new Unison vision! We are very excited about the future programming, events, performances and creative endeavors that she and the new Board of Directors will bring to Unison. Stay tuned for fantastic new events series, and please become a new or repeating member to be part of the Unison Family.

Unison Board of Directors

A new Board has joined the Unison team – partnering with Unison’s founders to contribute to and expand Unison’s vision, bringing an integrated approach to enriching the cultural life and community of the Hudson Valley.

We plan to leverage Unison’s long-standing vision as a hub for performing and fine arts, expanding its mission and reach far beyond the role it has traditionally played.

Our goal: to foster innovation and experimentation, community empowerment, and healing for individuals, communities, and the planet.

  • Carole Wolf, Board President
  • Carmine Castaldo, Vice President
  • Karali Pitzele, Secretary
  • Debbie Robbins, Treasurer
  • David Shepler
  • Sarah Warren

Unison has a responsibility to serve and respond to the changing needs of the community. Please help us by sharing your ideas for what you would like to see happen at Unison – your views on what the Unison of the future should be. We are eager to hear from you.  Please send your thoughts to us by email at info@unisonarts.org.