Call to Artists

Companion Piece is a play about loneliness and connectivity. In an age of streaming entertainment and on line dating, connecting to real people can be a real challenge. This play explores the nature of what it means to make human connections.

We are looking for diptychs and triptychs in any medium, that explore these themes in a creative and original. Selected works will be exhibited in the DENIZEN Theatre Gallery for the length of this production.

Diptych and triptychs are companion pieces. They are individual works of art that connect to each other. Two or three images that are placed together in relationship… telling a story, make a comparison, communicating a message with each enhancing the significance of the others.

The pieces should be submitted to

Please include Title, medium and size of the panels as a set,  a brief statement, and your full name and contact information

Deadline : May 15th

Pieces are juried by: Harry Lipstein Producing Artistic Director, Wendy Lipstein Arts Associate, Marcy Bernstein Executive Director of ROOST Studios and Alexandra Baer Director at Unison Art Center